Another scam number- 702-613-6837

So I received a call with a man pretending to be a military online. Hearing that I immediately convinced that he is a fraud, fake, or a scammer, he was just stupid. I keep on listening to what his saying while collecting data about him. I am also tracking everything he sad and write a copy of everything. After the call, I type his call number in the internet and it showed up on list of Russian number that’s asking for plane ticket money. So I call him back and busted him. I told him that I already know everything that I will tell the authorities about this and he hung up on me.
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423-902-3568 a must add number on your reject list.

I also received a scammer’s call from a person name John Smith, his name is very American but he has an Indian accent. He left me a voice message saying I should call back as soon as possible he also said my complete name for confirmation, but he got my last name wrong. It was so funny so I call back and make fun of him and told him that he got my last name wrong and I’m not buying what his saying. And that he should learn to speak English fluently and remove his accent.
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Another stranger’s number – 347-200-3203

Ok another very annoying call claiming to be a representative from IRS. He said that my tax dealings from the IRS were already sent to the US Department of Treasury. It was a complete scam. I know it was a fraud, He wanted me to give him 9 thousand dollar for my unpaid taxes and compromises. I have a strong legal background that’s why I don’t believe in what’s he’s saying so I started to play with this guy. After the call I put it on my reject list.
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This is another stranger’s number – 334-209-5996

I answered a call from unknown number claiming that he is a representative from IRS. “Hi, I am calling in behalf of IRS (Internal Revenue Service) He said my name “Ms. First name, Second name, Last name” He ask me to call back as soon as possible because it is really important. He told me his name, I think Officer Derrick I forgot his last name but whatever. So I call back and they picked up but when I was about to asked them about their message they hung up on me. These scammers are so annoying.
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312-939-4375 – number to be added on your reject list.

As everyone’s complain, I am also experiencing scams for a few days now. I received a call from 312-939-4375 claiming that I was looking for loan and I was approved with my application which I didn’t apply for. He said my complete name for confirmation and guess what? he knows it. I don’t exactly know how but he knew it. He offered me 1000 dollars with payback of 180 dollars per pay period. I am just listening but he wanted proof on my account amounting to 180 dollars. But I frankly said that he is a scammer and don’t ever call me back.
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302-313-1267 is another stranger’s number that needed to be added to your reject list.

Firstly, my name is Joan Alexander, I recently received a phone call from 302-313-1267. The gentleman from the other line said that he is form the DC Department Criminal Investigations Divisions and Cyber Crimes Unit, something like that. They said I took out a loan online last 2012. He was rude and told me that he will sent out an arrest warrant and have the sheriff come to my house or to my office and have to lock me up. I know that it is just a fraud but it was really scary. I immediately put the number to my block list.
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218-252-8014 is a scammer’s numbers so don’t answer.

A few days ago, when I was watching television there is news about area code scams, area code 202 was included. After a few days I received a call, it was from area code 202 so out of curiosity I answered it. A gentleman with an Indian or Pakistani accent speaks on the other line I don’t actually understand what he’s saying because of strong accent. But I clearly heard something about “TAX” and I don’t understand the rest of what his saying. I told him if will work on phones he should speak on fluent English. Then I hung up.

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Scammer’s number that should be in your reject list –209-242-8395

July 23, 2014, I received the same voice email that keeps on threatening me. He said his name is Shawn White, so as I remembered he has left me a few messages on my voice mail with the same phony badges number or whatsoever. So what I did was I return a call and did the same, I left a message the next hour I received a call back from them but it was a recording. I did some research, I know now that the IRS only uses e-mails to contact their tax payers.
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Caller with Number 916-455-2654 Is a Total Stranger

No, these moron callers are not USING the federal government but they are USING US!

Imagine taking $430 dollars out of our innocent mind because we become so GREEDY that they are saying we would be expecting the government to send us huge grant money. (Not to mention the amount we sent that perhaps might go straight to the government or authority anyway). IS IN IT REDICULOUS AND FOOLISH SOME OF US ARE!

This is the number I encountered 916-455-2654 and it is a scam number if we trace on the caller ID. Please never answer it and click the number to determine its origin fellows!

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Asking for Information about Number 312-625-5551

I just got one call from number 312-625-5551, is there anyone else is receiving call to this number?

Based on checking the number through a “Phone Number Search” box, I found it almost on every page of the website yet no proper data. If you try entering that phone number in the box and then click on “Search,” you will reveal that the number reported. Add the new information you might acquired for this particular number. I got some already and if you want to include the details, please click the number above so you can view them.

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